Hyundai i20 R5 rally car rental SS-100 km
  • Hyundai i20 R5 rally car rental SS-100 km
  • Hyundai i20 R5 rally car rental SS-100 km

Hyundai i20 R5 rally car rental special stage (SS)-100 km

Rally Car rental turnkey basis as follows:
One gravel rally competition in Europe area SS 0-100-km, 9 677 EUR VAT 0%
- rental contains one hundred (100km) special stage or test kilometers
- after 100 km a rented extra kilometers costing 90 EUR / km VAT 0%
- rally car serviced and ready to race
- includes technical wear parts such as brake pads and -discs (normal operating, but not crash, out of
the way)
- 8 pcs 15" gravel rims, but not gravel tires
- fuels of the rally car 100 SS or test kilometers, one extra kilometers fuels costing 5.65 EUR / km
VAT 0%

Attention! Does not include transportation and rally car maintenance at the competition on site
(offered separately case by case abroad)
For the final confirmation, we will ask your rent time period and duration.
We will make an offer if your deliver time of time is possible for us.

The renter will pay the following extra expenses for Rallybaron Oy:
-competition entry fees, test track rental, etc. fees
-rally car driving equipment (helmet, shoes, clothes, etc.)
-rally car seat and belts exchange work of the longitudinal carriers and due to weight reasons
-exiting the race and interrupt the competition for the following reasons; penalty incurred damage or
damage to the car body, wheels, wheel hub chassis, engine and transmission technology etc.
-test or rally competition in the insurance (this acquisition acquired from us or from our business

9 677,42 €
VAT 0%
12 000,00 €
VAT 24%

After the rent has been canceled, the renter will pay the administrative costs of the rally car to Rallybaron Oy

The renter pays for the logo taping placements and removal of a rally car.